Grace is a Maasai tribeswoman. She creates all of the Maasai beaded cuffs for Bao. Grace is an inspiring business woman and creative. Grace was the first artisan to create pieces for Bao, and when she completed the first project, she said that had worked extra hard to ensure that each piece was made well, because she knew that if Bao did well, she would do well too. Needless to say, her role is quite significant and appreciated.




Freddy is a metalsmith. He creates all the rings, D rings and bangles for Bao from recycled brass materials. He has set up an entire workshop for himself. He works tremendously hard and strives to become a better metalsmith every single day. He once said that he had hoped to become "just as good at casting as the skilled metalsmiths in China."



Jared is a bone and horn carver. Jared enjoys creating products that are finished properly and are created with quality. He loves taking on new designs and trying new things, and will voice when something has been done before. Jared creates beads and bangles for Bao. 



Joshua runs his own print shop in Makina Market. He is meticulous when it comes to lining up a print properly and always ensures a job well done. He prints the Bao logos on the canvas tote bags. 



Ken is a very patient beader. He beads all of the canvas tote bags by hand. He can often complete three in one day. He has mastered the art of beading and is one of the newest artisans to Bao. 



Amanda was trained in Italy in leather bag making. She designs and drafts all the bag patterns and jewelry. She sources second hand leather jackets from the market, cuts them and stitches the bags together.