What does Bao mean?

Bao is short for Baobab Tree, which is also known as The Tree of Life. It is a very spiritual tree found in a number of places on the continent of Africa.


How do I pronounce Bao?

Bao is pronounced bey-oh.


How do I care for my accessories?

Brass: Brass with age with wear and time, especially when exposed to the oils on your skin or coming in contact with water or lotions. To re-shine your bracelet use a gentle metal cleaner, or baking soda with lemon and a soft cloth. Otherwise, let it customize to you.

Leather: We use the highest grade of vegetable tanned leather on the market. It will tan when exposed to sunlight and will darken. It will evolve with you and your experiences.

The vegetable tanned leather is natural and uncoated, which means that the leather will absorb water and discolour when wet. You may apply some sort of coating if you wish, however, this may discolour the leather and affect the finish permanently.

Vegetable tanned leather was traditionally used in harnessing and saddlery for horses, and was made to be used around the elements, in hot, cold and horse-sweaty conditions.

Upcycled Leather

Spot clean these bags with a damp cloth, but try your best to take care of it, because leather is not easy to clean.

Bogolan & Indigo

We do not recommended washing this fabric at all. Gentle spot cleaning with a damp cloth if absolutely essential on bogolan fabric, but no water should go near indigo fabric.

Be mindful of wearing light coloured fabrics with indigo, it can transfer colour onto lighter fabrics.


I have a leather jacket hanging in my closet that I do not use, and I don't know what to do with it. Do you accept second hand leather jackets?

If the jacket is in decent condition and is made of 100% leather, then yes! We would love to take them off your hands. Please contact us with the details of your jacket, images, if you can, and we will go from there.


Before you throw it out...!

Bring your worn or torn Bao item back to us and we will fix it or accept it, giving you a $5 credit to spend on BaoLyfe items. We want to give old things a new life, and keep all of our contributions to the landfills at a minimum.



We are definitely open to wholesale opportunities. Send us an email at amanda@baolyfe.com and we can discuss details.



Please feel free to use our images or share a link to our site, but please properly credit all images to BaoLyfe.


Questions? Email us at wecare@baolyfe.com or amanda@baolyfe.com