Bao accessories are made from handcrafted recycled and natural materials.


Cow Bone and Horn

The cow bone and horn is a byproduct of the beef industry. It is a beautiful way to ensure that such a sacrifice is honoured by not allowing anything to go to waste.


Krobo Beads

Glass beads made in Ghana from recycled glass. Glass is pounded into a powder and then set in a mould, coloured with ceramic pigment and fired into a new bead and hand painted.


Bogolan | Mudcloth

Hand spun and woven Malian cotton fabric dyed with fermented mud. Mud is collected from the bottoms of riverbeds and fermented for a year, and then the cotton is hand printed in various patterns.


Recycled Brass

All brass D rings and rings for bags, bangles and small brass effects are created from recycled brass bits such as keys, handles, wire and locks. These brass items are melted down and recast into a new bangle or rings and D rings.


Recycled Leather Jackets

We use second hand leather jackets to make our handbags. Each jacket is hand selected, carefully taken apart and reconstructed into a new bag.

The leather on these bags have a ton of character from its previous life as a jacket. No two jackets are the same. Sometimes we are able to get 2 or 3 bags from the same jacket, making a bag similar but never the same. We call them sister bags. We make a note on each bag description to indicate when it is a sister bag.


Vegetable Tanned Leather

Handles and straps are constructed from vegetable tanned leather for sturdiness. This leather is tanned naturally using vegetable matter. It darkens and ages becoming customized to the wearer.

Kazuri Beads

Kazuri means 'small beautiful thing' in Swahili, they are handcrafted and hand painted ceramic beads made in Kenya. Kazuri is dedicated to providing sustainable employment for single Kenyan mothers.


Indigo Fabric

Handwoven Malian cotton, pressed with starch to form the pattern, which is then dipped in an all natural indigo bath fifteen to twenty-seven times.

Dead Stock Leather

We also use dead stock leather. Dead stock leather is leather that is produced for a specific season, or even an overproduction of leather that would otherwise be discarded. We often feature dead stock leather in our tassels and on our recycled leather totes (coming soon). IMAGE COMING SOON.